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Pombo angry, so he took a big Leiyin bronze plaque, it wanted to make in the past. Really dead ...... Despite being safe at the moment, but many people simply can not calm is even more fear, tragic death of the students, ferocious crocodile god, from time to time in mind, perhaps this life can not forget. how the? Fan Ye you are too vicious, and evenlongchamp bag colors though he was wrong earlier, but you should not retaliate ...... Hearing this, everyone feels creepy, cool to the feet, one bad feeling in their hearts. As a modern, almost do not believe God exists, now have to deal with, and hear Wang Ziwen say so, it longchamp monogram tote is easier to accept. Next to a man pushed him one. Fan Ye frowned, hand touched the corpse's throat and found Adam's apple are broken, and there limp, just skin fairly complete, not torn. Maybe ...... A living person how suddenly died? Maybe they really can fly or, ancient elongchamp le pilage tote arth has made them feel fettered, not broad, so they climbed the mountain, leaving the earth, into the vast depths of the universe. Bronze coffin is very smooth, without the slightest vibration, like a long stop in a star field, as well as the next stop you? Someone in the dark crying softly, therhow to wash a longchamp bag e are people in shivering, a close your eyes will emerge out of the forehead was ripped, blood spatter, brains out of the terrible picture, like a nightmare, but also like a ghost, always hovering in the heart. Perhaps, those gods are our ancestors ...... copper coffin ghosts! until after a long copper coffin was quielongchamp crossbody bags t down, according to the time on earth, it is now late at night, everyone Tired badly, listlessness, all groggy sleep . How do you not speak? A lot of things whether it is true or false, if you just heard, no matter how horrid it is but one story only. Fan Ye scanned the crowd.