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Lethal air came a loud crash, nine huge dragon corpse slowly toward the Stargate Teng go bang when the bang, bronze giant coffin shake, flip it, everyone suddenly feel dizzy. But at this time, the coffin covered with patina wall those ancient ancestors and gods carved figure, as well as prehistoric Xiongqin bronze beast with pretty patterns, all flow out hazy brilliance, so crocodile ancestors stopped in her tracks. Crowd out of the copper coffin, quickly picked up those bleak Buddha device, while Pombolongchamp scarf is very deft that several corpses on the water bottle away. Energy ...... But ancient coffins and no movement, still quietly cross on the altar. People anxious. Large black hand down to catch its goal is not all, was actually the bronze ancient coffin! Not far away sounded very Senhan sneer, that crocodile ancestors in the teeth, the sound makes the scalp tingle. How to do, Star ancient road was this giant demon selongchamp bag ebay aled, how can we leave? Leaving the floor of the altar crocodile corpse, there are a few with the human body, and instantly clean down. Heard a dull boom vibrations, Tai Chi Bagua map, such as portals generally completely wide open, revealing a mysterious and huge channel, do not know where to even, inside the dark one. Wailing roar ...... Clang large black hand grabbed bronze giant coffin, uttered a sonorous tone, all the hearts oflongchamp free shipping all sank, this matchless magic monstrous crocodile ancestors, non-Buddha is difficult to suppress, the mysterious copper coffin now if no abnormal reaction, the crowd is really no way the. There are endless sky light flashes, extremely gorgeous, people can not face, no one can see, nine dragon corpse was temporarily blocked crocodile ancestors lived. The same time, a large black bird hand once again explore down easily break dim mask, toward the alongchamp small bag ltar captured. Suddenly, crocodile-like ancestors uttered muffled roar, like a million heavy thunder rang in the ears, the presence of people were suddenly some people directly stumble to the ground. distant, crocodile ancestors uttered a roar, see no abnormal reaction of copper coffin, it monstrous arrogance, puff, slowly approaching over. It's like suddenly remembered something, eyes in the burst shot two Senhan carnage, Deng Dengdeng in the void quickly stepped back. Enter thelongchamp bags ebay bronze giant coffin, which is no choice, copper coffin branching, disturbing, but now they had to use it. Rustling sound came, in colored altar, the dense, dark mass, countless gods gathered around alligators up quickly worn curtains, rushed colored altar.